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Eyelid correction


  • Eyelid surgery by a reputable doctor
  • No more droopy eyelids
  • Achieve a more open and refreshed appearance
  • 45 minutes (consultation and treatment)

Overhanging eyelids are caused by excess skin above the eyelids.
Not only can overhanging eyelids create a heavy feeling above your eyes; droopy eyelids also make you look more tired out of your eyes than you are.

With eyelid surgery, this problem can be treated relatively easily and quickly.
At Ageworth, we specialize in eyelid surgery and are happy to help you achieve a fresher, more rested appearance.
We proceed with eyelid surgery according to a personalized treatment plan, so you can be assured of the very best results.

The process of eyelid surgery treatment

Eyelid surgery at Ageworth is always preceded by a personal intake.
One of our doctors will meet with you before the eyelid surgery to discuss your goals, desires and needs.
Sometimes you may come in for an eyelid correction, but the doctor assesses from your situation that an
brow elevator
is a better option. During the intake, we give you honest and knowledgeable advice and create a treatment plan that combines our expertise with your wishes.
Do you agree with the treatment plan?
Then the treatment can be scheduled, if desired directly after the intake.

The eyelid surgery treatment

Each treatment starts with thorough cleansing and disinfection of the skin.
After this, the skin of the eyelids is numbed by small injections.
These can be felt, but are not painful.
After numbing, the cosmetic doctor will mark off the skin to be removed, based on the treatment plan.
The cosmetic doctor will then cut away the excess skin and any excess fat.
This is done in the crease of the eye so that the scar is not visible.
As a final step, the incision is sutured with fine suture and the eyelids are taped with small band-aids.
After a short rest and the explanation of all aftercare tips, you can return home.
You may not drive a car after an eyelid correction, keep this in mind when you come to the appointment.
An upper eyelid correction takes on average 45 minutes (including intake).


For up to a week after the upper eyelid surgery, the skin of the eyelids may be sensitive, thickened and turn blue.
After a week at the clinic, the sutures are removed and we do a follow-up check.
After eyelid surgery, be careful with makeup.
Do not make-up the eyes for the first two weeks after treatment and avoid rubbing.
Do not visit the gym, tanning bed or sauna for the first two weeks after treatment.
A restorative, nourishing scar cream allows the skin to recover faster after eyelid surgery.

How long does the result last?

The result of an eyelid correction is well visible after three months. After this, you can enjoy an eyelid correction for an average of ten to fifteen years. How long the effect lasts varies from person to person and depends on genetic predisposition, your skin type and lifestyle, among other things. Curious about what our specialists can do for you? Check out the possibilities for an eyelid correction treatment in Amersfoort.

Frequently Asked Questions

What age is appropriate for eyelid surgery?

Is eyelid surgery painful?


  • Eyelid surgery by a reputable doctor
  • No more droopy eyelids
  • Achieve a more open and refreshed appearance
  • 45 minutes (consultation and treatment)



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