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Gummy smile


  • Laughing with less visible gums
  • High-quality botulinum toxin
  • 30 minutes (consultation and treatment)

Your smile should never be something you feel self-conscious about. However, we understand that having excessive gum exposure when you laugh can make you feel uncomfortable.

At Ageworth, we have the solution for this condition known as a gummy smile through the application of botulinum toxin. By using small injections of botulinum toxin, we can relax the upper lip, resulting in a smile with less visible gums. Our cosmetic doctors tailor the treatment of a gummy smile to a personalized treatment plan that combines our expertise with your desires. The result is always natural and subtle.

The process
The treatment of a gummy smile at Ageworth involves a personal consultation. One of our doctors will discuss your goals, desires, and needs prior to the treatment. By listening to you, we can come up with the best treatment plan together. The amount of botulinum toxin and the desired outcome will be customized based on factors such as your age and appearance, allowing us to reveal your most beautiful smile using botulinum toxin. If you agree with the treatment plan, the treatment can be scheduled, optionally immediately after the consultation.

The treatment
Every injectable treatment begins with thorough cleansing and disinfection of the skin. Subsequently, the cosmetic doctor marks the injection points according to the treatment plan. We use an ultra-thin needle, making the treatment virtually painless. After the treatment, you will receive comprehensive aftercare tips to ensure that you enjoy your refreshed look for as long as possible. A gummy smile treatment typically takes around 30 minutes (including the consultation).

Following a gummy smile treatment, there is no need for recovery, and you can resume your usual activities on the same day. However, your skin may be slightly red and sensitive due to the injections. To ensure the effective placement of botulinum toxin, we recommend avoiding lying down, bending over, and engaging in sports for the first four hours. Wait at least two weeks before visiting a beautician. UV radiation can accelerate damage to the treated skin, so minimize sun exposure and always apply a sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30. A restorative and nourishing (scar) cream can help accelerate skin recovery after an injectable treatment.

Duration of Results
The results of a gummy smile treatment typically last between three to six months on average. The body naturally breaks down botulinum toxin over time. The duration of the effect varies from person to person and depends on factors such as skin type and lifestyle. If desired, a follow-up treatment can be arranged.


  • Laughing with less visible gums
  • High-quality botulinum toxin
  • 30 minutes (consultation and treatment)


€ 150,-

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