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The team at Ageworth consists solely of specialized, qualified cosmetic physicians with many years of experience in the field. Our practitioners specialize in injectables and surgical procedures, are always up-to-date with the latest techniques, and prioritize safety and reliability.

Drs. David Hamraz

Medical Director and Cosmetic Doctor

BIG number: 89918956601

RN Britt Mesman

Cosmetic Practitioner

BIG number: 49061416201


Drs. Nardin Nuri

Cosmetic doctor

BIG number: 19919347101


BSc Ibtissam Wahabi

Skin Therapist

NVH number: 520375


BSc Alina Petrova

Skin Therapist

NVH number: 505480 

KP number: 39100876588 

AGB code: 90102350

BSc Cleo van Dijk

Skin Therapist

NVH number: 520344

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Karin Boschma

Medical Assistant

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