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Eyebrow lift


  • Non-surgical eyebrow lift
  • High-quality botulinum toxin
  • 45 minutes (intake and treatment)
  • Always natural-looking results

As you age, the skin on your eyebrows may start to droop, making you look tired or even giving you a stern or angry appearance. While many people opt for a surgical brow lift, a non-surgical eyebrow lift can be a sufficient solution in some cases.

By using botulinum toxin, we can relax the muscles that pull the eyebrows downward, automatically lifting the brows. This can result in less drooping of the eyelids and a more open and rested look. At Ageworth, we specialize in creating a natural and open look, and we’re happy to advise you on the right treatment. We always work according to a personalized treatment plan that combines our expertise with your desires and needs.

The process

An eyebrow lift is only performed after we have taken the time for a personal consultation. One of our physicians will discuss your goals, desires, and needs with you before the treatment. Perhaps you initially came in for an eyelid correction, but it turns out that an eyebrow lift is sufficient. Or perhaps it’s your frown lines that also need to be addressed. We listen to you and together come up with the ideal treatment plan. The amount of botulinum toxin and the desired result are adjusted based on factors such as your age and appearance, allowing us to reveal the best version of yourself with muscle relaxants. If you agree with the treatment plan, we can schedule the treatment, if desired, immediately after the consultation.

The treatment

Every injectable treatment starts with a thorough cleansing and disinfection of the skin. Afterward, the cosmetic physician marks the points to be injected based on the treatment plan. We use an ultra-thin needle, making the treatment nearly painless. After the treatment, we provide you with extensive aftercare tips to ensure that you can enjoy your open look for as long as possible. An eyebrow lift takes an average of 45 minutes (including intake).


As with any other botulinum toxin treatment, you don’t need any recovery time after an eyebrow lift. You can resume your daily activities after this brief procedure. However, your skin may be a bit red and sensitive due to the injections. To ensure that the botulinum toxin is effective in the desired areas, we recommend that you avoid lying down, bending over, and exercising for the first four hours. Wait at least two weeks before visiting a beautician. UV radiation can cause the treated skin to become damaged more quickly, so avoid the sun as much as possible and always apply sunscreen with at least SPF 30. A healing, nourishing (scar) cream can help the skin recover faster after an injectable treatment.

How long does the result last?

The result of a treatment with muscle relaxants is typically visible for three to six months. The body naturally breaks down botulinum toxin over time. How long the effect lasts varies per person and depends on factors such as your skin type and lifestyle. If desired, a follow-up treatment can be scheduled.


  • Non-surgical eyebrow lift
  • High-quality botulinum toxin
  • 45 minutes (intake and treatment)
  • Always natural-looking results


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