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About Ageworth

Ageworth is a clinic where the focus is on the treatment of your cosmetic concerns rather than the procedure itself. We contribute to boosting your appearance and character. –  David Y. Hamraz.

A significant you.

The Ageworth method is based on years of experience in the cosmetic industry both domestically and internationally. Our standard is characterized by the highest quality, mutual trust, and a method that focuses on the natural contours and drawings in your face. The experience and knowledge speak to the fact that our primary goal is to treat the nuances in your face, with a treatment plan that focuses on the core of your question, developed in consultation with you.

Ageworth was founded by Dr. David Y. Hamraz, a cosmetic physician with almost ten years of experience in cosmetic surgery. With 25,000 injectable treatments and 5,000 eyelid corrections to his name, Dr. David Y. Hamraz is an expert in his field. Dr. David Y. Hamraz says, “Beauty is a value that starts with you. With a cosmetic procedure at Ageworth, you can achieve a better version of yourself, where quality, customization, precision, and discretion are the standard. We understand that undergoing a cosmetic procedure is not an everyday activity, which is why we do everything we can to provide you with the right care, deliver customization, and make you feel at ease. It is no wonder that at Ageworth, we value personal attention and the highest quality standard.”

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