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Lip flip


  • Enhance the appearance of fuller lips
  • High-quality botox used
  • 30 minutes (consultation and treatment)
  • Achieve a fuller mouth without fillers

If you desire fuller lips but find lip fillers to be too much of a step, a lip flip treatment can help create the illusion of fuller lips using botulinum toxin.

During a lip flip, a small amount of botulinum toxin is injected into the lip border, causing the upper lip to subtly curl outward. With a lip flip, you can achieve the appearance of fuller lips without actually adding volume, which is the case with lip fillers. For a natural lip flip with subtle results, you are in the best hands at Ageworth.

The process
At Ageworth, a lip flip treatment always begins with a personal consultation. One of our physicians will discuss your goals, desires, and needs before the treatment. Why are you considering a lip flip? Are you unhappy with thin lips or seeking an overall fresher look for the mouth and nose area? By listening to you, we can determine the best treatment plan together. The amount of botulinum toxin and the desired results are tailored to factors such as your age and appearance, allowing us to unveil the best version of your lips with botulinum toxin. If you agree with the treatment plan, the procedure can be scheduled, potentially immediately after the consultation.

The treatment
Every injectable treatment begins with thorough cleansing and disinfection of the skin. The cosmetic physician then marks the injection points based on the treatment plan. We use an ultra-thin needle to ensure the treatment is virtually painless. After the treatment, you will receive comprehensive aftercare instructions to maximize the longevity of your open gaze. A lip flip with botulinum toxin typically takes 30 minutes (including consultation).

There is no recovery time required after a lip flip treatment. You can resume your daily activities immediately following the procedure. However, your skin may be slightly red and sensitive due to the injections. To ensure effective placement of the botulinum toxin, we recommend avoiding lying down, bending, and exercise for the first four hours. Wait at least two weeks before visiting your beautician. UV radiation can damage the treated skin more quickly, so minimize sun exposure and always apply a sunscreen with at least SPF 30. A restorative, nourishing cream can help the skin recover faster after an injectable treatment.

Duration of Results
The results of a lip flip typically last between three to six months as the body naturally metabolizes the botulinum toxin. The duration of the effect varies per person and depends on factors such as your skin type and lifestyle. If desired, a follow-up treatment can be arranged.


  • Enhance the appearance of fuller lips
  • High-quality botox used
  • 30 minutes (consultation and treatment)
  • Achieve a fuller mouth without fillers


€ 150,-

For treatments with Botuline Toxine
multi-zone value applies:


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