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  • Reduce migraine with muscle relaxants
  • High-quality botulinum toxin
  • 30 minutes (intake and treatment)

In addition to its aesthetic effects, botulinum toxin also has a medical use: it can support in the treatment of migraine and tension headaches.

Botulinum toxin temporarily stops muscle activity that causes tension headaches and prevents the muscles from contracting too strongly. This can significantly reduce migraines. While not effective for everyone, a migraine treatment with muscle relaxants prevents migraine attacks from occurring less frequently and with less severity in the majority of cases. For the treatment of migraine with botulinum toxin, we discuss your symptoms with you so that we can provide optimal advice.

The process
At Ageworth, a migraine treatment is accompanied by a personal intake. We would like to discuss your headache symptoms and the possible cause with you. How often do you experience migraines, how severe are these symptoms, and how long have you been experiencing them? Our doctors are there to advise you and will create a treatment plan based on your symptoms. The amount of botulinum toxin and the injection points will be adjusted based on your symptoms. If you agree with the treatment plan, the treatment can be scheduled, preferably immediately after the intake.

The treatment
Every injectable treatment starts with thorough cleaning and disinfection of the skin. The cosmetic doctor then marks the injection points based on the treatment plan. We use a very thin needle, making the treatment virtually painless. After the treatment, you will receive extensive aftercare tips to help you benefit from the migraine treatment for as long as possible. A treatment for migraine and tension headaches usually takes about 30 minutes (including intake).

After a treatment for migraine and headache, there is no need to recover and you can resume your normal activities on the same day. However, your skin may be slightly red and sensitive due to the injections. To ensure that the botulinum toxin is effective in the desired area, we recommend not lying down, bending down or exercising for the first four hours. Wait at least two weeks before visiting a beauty specialist. UV radiation can cause the treated skin to be damaged more quickly. Therefore, avoid the sun as much as possible and always use a sunscreen with at least SPF 30. A restorative, nourishing (scar) cream helps the skin to recover faster after an injectable treatment.

Duration of Results
The results of a muscle relaxant treatment typically last three to six months. The body naturally breaks down botulinum toxin over time. The duration of the effect varies per person and depends on factors such as your skin type and lifestyle. If desired, a follow-up treatment can be scheduled.


  • Reduce migraine with muscle relaxants
  • High-quality botulinum toxin
  • 30 minutes (intake and treatment)


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