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Ibtissam al Wahabi

Ibtissam Al Wahabi is an experienced skin therapist with a deep-rooted passion for the field of skin therapy in all its diversity. After successfully completing her training as a skin therapist, she immediately entered the dynamic field of skin therapy.

During her studies, Ibtissam delved intensively into the largest organ of the human body: the skin. With the knowledge she acquired, she aims to guide her clients towards a personalized goal that suits them perfectly. She understands the importance of her clients feeling heard and fully informed throughout the entire treatment process.

Throughout her career as a skin therapist and entrepreneur, Ibtissam has gained valuable experience at leading private clinics and renowned hospitals in the Netherlands. She understands that clients have high expectations when they seek her services, and she is determined to meet these expectations. By utilizing the latest techniques and treatments, Ibtissam strives for nothing less than extraordinary results and minimal recovery time for her clients. With a clear goal in sight: working together towards becoming the best version of yourself.

With enthusiasm, Ibtissam is ready to assist you in creating a comprehensive treatment plan that not only takes care of the superficial skin but also nurtures the entire skin and soul.

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